Athens -Cyclades -Athens (7 days)

If you only have a week and you want to visit the Cyclades Archipelago and you are immune to the whims of the Aegean Sea, then this tour is for you. Demanding with long flights, but providing unforgettable impressions. The main goal is to visit the western islands of this archipelago. Daily sailing takes about 8 hours. Designed for persistent sailors with distances up to 50Nm.

Route suggestion: Athens (Marina Alimos) –>Kythos –> Milos–> Sifnos–> Serifos–> Hydra--> Athens.

If you like rocking in the sea foam, this route is perfect for you. Long flights and unforgettable impressions.

Cyclades 7 days

Athens -Cyclades -Athens (14 days)

This route is the quintessence of the existing route proposals. The range of island proposals is very large, and each is characterized by diversity. In the Cyclades you can find everything unspoiled and unspoilt by civilization, as well as popular tourist destinations. Fall in love with Santorini or dance on the beach in Mykonos … the possibilities are many. A route for experienced sailors who are not afraid of strong winds and high waves. All this is compensated by the views.

Route suggestion: Athens (Marina Alimos)–> Kea–> Siros–> Mykonos–> Naxos–> Ios–> Santorini--> Folegandros–> Milos–> Sifnos–> Serifos–> Kithnos–> Athens. 

Examples of route modifications possible, e.g. about Paros, Amorgos.

Cyclades 14 days

The cruise has a tourist and recreational character… An important element is to choose the right company that accepts each other.

We guarantee great fun and unforgettable impressions! 

The route of the cruise is each time adapted to the weather conditions, crew skills and the final decision is made by the Captain.

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